Duration: 2 days (4h per day)

Training type: classroom

Language: English

Price: 2500€

General information:

This course will provide you with proven and efficient methodologies, strategies and tactics in order to improve security awareness and employee resilience throughout every layer of an organization.

In a world where the threat landscape is continuously changing businesses need to do all they can in order to protect and safeguard their integrity, operational continuity and valuable intelligence and data as best they can. This course will teach you valuable methodologies to increase security awareness from a CI (counterintelligence) perspective and make every member of your organization more resilient against the dangerous and sophisticated threats of today.


Target Group:

  • Executives: CEO’s 
  • (Security) Managers
  • IT Personnel
  • Supervisors
  • Risk Officers
  • Data Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Business Consultants
  • Security Consultants
  • (Security) Analysts 
  • Administrators 


Course Objectives:

  • Learn more about the modern threat landscape and how it will evolve over the coming years.
  • Learn the importance of intelligence for business integrity, continuity and authenticity.
  • Learn how counterintelligence methodologies can benefit every aspect of an organization.
  • Learn the importance of proper screening for security purposes.
  • Learn how to improve security awareness in your organization and how to make your employee’s more resilient against present and future security threats. 


Course Program:

Topics Day 1:

  • The definition and importance of intelligence in corporate environments.
  • Modern intelligence and cyber threats. 
  • The future development of the modern threat landscape. 
  • The benefits of the counterintelligence approach for security planning and applications. 
  • How counterintelligence benefits business integrity and authenticity. 
  • How to improve operational continuity and efficiency with counterintelligence. 

Topics Day 2: 

  • How to perform counterintelligence screening activities.
  • The importance of a security culture.
  • How to increase security awareness through every layer of your organization.
  • Employee resilience against external and internal intelligence and cyber threats.
  • Practical exercises.