About us
Our vision is a world where managers see a 10X return from investing in their people.
That's why we help companies learn and change behavior, at scale. We show that an investment in people and the future of the company is important, and help them make it an effective one.
Our history
March 2016
Dima Syrotkin and Lauri Paloheimo founded Panda Training. Idea at the time: marketplace for corporate training.
March 2018
Came to conlusion that the problem is not in finding trainers but in finding good trainers. Started providing evaluations of the training impact. Brought Jere Partanen on board.
March 2019
Our evaluations have shown that the problem isn't the training itself, but the application of the training. Started providing a micro-coaching service.
Meet our team
Dima Syrotkin
Business Strategy,

Lauri Paloheimo

Jere Partanen
Social Psychology,
Data Analytics