Duration: 4h

Training type: classroom or online

Language: English

Price: €6500 / per course, including a Blockbinder demo environment as agreed

General information:

Blockchain enable using of distributed and decentralized sharing of data and tamperproof recording of transactions across low-trust boundaries, and resulting in a technology that may prove to be as revolutionary as the internet.

Chainfrog Oy consists of a highly professional team with references in the blockchain business. The goal of our blockchain training sessions is to provide insight to blockchain, examine how blockchains can be applied and give a deeper technical knowledge of the technology itself. We also provide tools to evaluate blockchain technology and test environment for blockchain trials.


Structure of the Course:

As a summary, we help the participant answering the following questions: what is the value and importance of blockchain technology in the future and how should you prepare to use blockchain technology. We provide insight to blockchain technology and aim to widen the participant’s understanding in the advanced Blockchain technology when testing it yourself.

We provide you with both theoretical framework and hands-on building experience and then facilitate the discussion to uncover possible applications and opportunities of blockchains in your industry and for your company.

  • Deep technical dive to blockchain technology
  • Do-it-yourself blockchain testing
  • Discover your opportunities using blockchains in your use case


Example course outline:

A. Introduction to Blockchains (1,5 hours):

An introductory blockchain training by Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates covering what blockchains bring as a technology

Specific topics to be covered

  • What are blockchains?     
  • The technology behind blockchains
  • Public,     private, open and permissioned blockchains
  • Different blockchain ledgers (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, MultiChain)
  • Blockchain misconceptions

A general Q&A to give participants the opportunity to ask about specific areas such as: cryptocurrencies, GDPR, smart contracts, data management


B. Advanced Blockchain technology training and testing (2,5 hours):

Advanced training by Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates

Components that constitute a blockchain: hash-linked lists, consensus protocols, peer-to-peer networks and asymmetric key cryptography

Specific topics to be covered

  • How do cryptocurrencies work and how can blockchains provide “unique unforgeable digital assets”.
  • Nakamoto consensus - how does “proof of work” work, and how do public blockchains solve the Byzantine Generals problem
  • Identity on a blockchain: pseudo-anonymity, addresses, wallets and transactions
  • How blockchains work in data management
  • Introduction to Blockbinder – a blockchain solution connecting your existing database systems instantly

General Q&A and follow-up to install Blockbinder to your system and testing how Blockbinder works.