Teppo Hudson, Product Dev Leader and Lead Developer with 10 years of hands on product development experience. Experienced and confident speaker and presenter. Former rockstar as well with over 500 gigs under his belt.


Company: is a Helsinki-based startup. They develop services to do Intelligent Automation for work, so that you can focus on the most important tasks. Powered by custom AI and machine learning algorithms

Country: Finland

Language: English, Finnish

Training type: classroom or online

  • A short session to ask the most urgent questions regarding AI and automation. 1 hour, FREE.
  • Learn from different example on the market, understand what processes could be automated. 4 hours, 3000e+.
  • What does AI mean for work? What is the current state of AI? We will discuss also: different Intelligent Automation solutions on the market, technical limitations for AI-readiness, difference between RPA and AI. 4 hours, 3000e+.