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Greenfield Project Manager for emerging tech and business development strategist with over 10 years of inhouse and consultative experience. A published expert in (chat)bot technology and keynote speaker on BaaS, Bots as a Service. Recently returned to an academic career as part-time Adjunct Professor at France's largest business school SKEMA in the Riviera's Sophia Antipolis Technology Park. 


Dr. phil. Peitzker is the author of "How chatbots & AI have changed human-robot interaction", Expert Insight, Business Expert Press/BEP, New York, March 2018, and the forthcoming book Uses and Risks of Chatbots in Business: Botification Within Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (BEP, 2019). She's also being published by a well-known business press, tech recruitment and events corporation in Malaysia. In the EU, Dr Peitzker speaks at tech summits like CeBIT in Hannover and the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

Company: velmai.com is a Devon-based BaaS venture, just monetised in the high end segment of the market after many years in R&D for their proprietary algorithm. velmai Next Gen AI bots are the step beyond the transactional functional chatbots by having Emotional Intelligence capabilities.

This enables your BaaS deployment to build sustained relationships with clients and consumers, while promoting repeat buying/marketing experiences. Currently extending from 2D formats online in corporate websites & chat apps to 3D AI bot hologram integrations, Augmented Reality applications and some robot installations with stand alone servers.

Country: France, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia

Language: Native speaker English, fluent German, advanced Italian and written French

Training type: Classroom or online

  • Needs analysis and introduction to commercial use cases for BaaS [Bots as as Service] (1 hour, 1000€) - A short session to ask the most urgent questions regarding botification, AI-integrated marketing & "blended" or hybrid Point of Sale use cases.  1 hour with a follow up needs analysis report and summary per email.
  • Mapping out how bots can be implemented in your business: next steps to botify as a competitive advantage (4 hours, 3.500€)
  • Botification road map: advanced SWOT analysis for deploying AI bots in different verticals and multimedia formats (16 hours, 11.500€)