What we Offer


Find trainers in emerging technology areas where experts are hard to come across.


Use us as an insurance of quality. We take care of the level of expertise and delivery.


Tap into the potential of emerging technology and use it for your business.


Our clients are interested in:

Information security; white-box, embedded and cloud approaches

AI, IoT introduction training

Predictive analytics

Vehicle to cloud connectivity

Functional safety

We have trainers in:

Machine learning: introduction to AI, deep learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, data science, predictive analytics

IoT: introduction to IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy

Cyber Security: Mobile, Web, Network

Other: Web, MySQL, Elm, Erlang, Agile, Software Testing, Robotic Process Automation, Robotic Mapping and Navigation (SLAM)

We’ve been having long and detailed discussions regarding the Pandaco training proxying tool. I have full trust that there is good potential in the product. While the most typical trainings about familiar topics are easy to find, I am excited about the idea of having a tool like this available for niche competence building and/or in geographical areas where no training networks have been built yet. Growing the service offering available from the product to the extent where one can rely on finding trainers even on less trendy areas will make this tool very helpful.

Following the development with high interest.
— Sami Lappeteläinen, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Development, F-Secure

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