How micro-coaching works
A new approach to corporate learning
What micro-coaching will do
Goal setting
Qualitative data
Community & knowledge sharing
Here is how it usually goes
Sounds great, is there anything you can do now to ensure this will happen?
Actually, I could mark a reminder in my calendar, thanks!
Hi Anna! What is the goal you've set for yourself after attending the training?
Hi Lauri! I want to become a good listener and get better at recognizing my teammates' needs.
Great! Let's make this ideal a bit more tangible, shall we? How could you make this goal Specific/Measurable/
Okay! Before next Friday, I will practice active listening in 3 client meetings and report my insights here.
Also, we are actually going bowling with a couple of teammates on the weekend, maybe I could initiate a discussion with them using some Nonviolent Communication principles?
Only 30 mins per week via Teams, Slack or similar software
No installations or integrations, using existing technology
Reporting about insights and qualitative data acquired via coaching
Feedback from the employees
Pilot pricing
per person for a 6-week micro-coaching program.
If a longer process is needed, the price scales accordingly.
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