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Coach the system
We provide human-led and chatbot micro-coaching to employees via Teams/Slack to drive strategy implementation, align organizational goals and discover information that managers are blind to.
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Infuse strategy in the everyday actions of middle managers and field managers
Digital & agile
Help team leaders with resolving conflicts and supporting their teams
Make sure employees apply acquired knowledge to their work
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Hi! What's up?
How our conversation with clients usually starts
They organized a training, Conflict Bootcamp. The challenge was to create an effective follow-up and ensure that the lessons get applied in practice, enable behavior change.
How did you help?
Panda Training provided a micro-coaching service for Futurice's employees. The main focus was on helping participants to set goals, follow up on them and help them overcome possible obstacles. We received positive feedback
Do you have a case study?
Cool! I'm curious, what problem is your startup working on?
Since coaching allows us to build trust with the employees, we are able to have honest dialogue and find out the information about change management results, leadership and team dynamics, skill gaps, conflicts at the workplace and more.
You see, there is a known methodology - coaching,
which helps people to change their behavior. Unfortunately, so far it has been difficult to scale.
Wow, nice!
So, do you help employees to achieve the goals they've set for themselves during the training?
What's your solution then?
I see. And what makes you think that?
Our service:
  • Helped people to apply the theory they learned at the Bootcamp
  • Provided a meaningful way to work through hard emotions
  • Helped to gain self-awareness

We developed a new approach that we
call 'micro-coaching'. With the help of certified coaches that work remotely,
we are able to provide a personal coach for every employee, in their pockets.
Hey! My name is Lauri, I'm a Head Coach at Panda Training. How can I help you?
Well, 70% of transformation programs fail according to McKinsey. And most training programs are useless - it's an open secret in HR circles. According to research, only 12% of learners apply the skills from the training they receive to their job.
Sure, here is one
Here is what one of the participants said:
Yep! More than that, we also collect qualitative data
and deliver reports with insights into the company's processes.
Futurice, a digital innovation and engineering company with Finnish roots, wanted their employees to manage conflicts at the workplace better.
The problem is… Frankly, corporate change and learning don't work
This sounds cool! What could be the next step for us to proceed with this discussion?
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