• TechCode Finland, 5th floor, same building as Sanoma (map)
  • 20a Porkalagatan
  • Helsingfors, 00180
  • Finland

AI: big bubble of hype or real business value? The aim of the event is to answer this question. By now many of you have heard of AI, but what is it’s value in reality? What’s the possible return of investment for you as a Senior Manager to implement this technology?

Come and listen not only to experts but also to your peers from other companies. The idea for this event is to make it exclusive to Senior Management (Managing Director, VP of Technology, etc) and limited by a max of 20 participants to create the best atmosphere for a discussion. You can bring one specialist from your company along!

Artificial intelligence offers us an opportunity to make our daily routines more efficient and can enhance the experience for our customers. From understanding big data to smarter robots AI is a continuous process to improve our life and the way we work. Anticipate the needs of your customers, automise production processes or distribute resources efficiently. Could AI and machine learning also be applied in the industry you operate in?

What works and what doesn’t, what other applications are out there and how early should you be in the game? Come and find out. The agenda is designed in a way for you to benefit both from some AI experts and enthusiasts as well as from the knowledge of your peers: Senior Management from other companies.



1. Ville Hulkko is a Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at Silo AI, AI consultancy that offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service and acts as a strategic AI partner for corporations, Central + private banks, stock-listed industrials & airlines. They help companies transform their business with AI - offering best AI research talent, commercializers and AI engineers at their disposal.

2. Harri Juntunen works to tackle challenges facing agriculture. AgriML project develops machine learning for efficient and predictable cultivation. It applies machine learning methods in arable farming, greenhouse cultivation and plant breeding. The core is in combining agricultural data sources and creating novel insights by using artificial intelligence.

3. Momir Beljic is an experienced Data Analyst and Machine Learning Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. He helps with creating value out of real-time and batch structured and unstructured data, embracing state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms and methods improving and speeding up machine learning and deep learning project implementation.

4. Vilen Looga is a Co-Founder and Machine Learning Lead at VimAI, an indoor navigation and semantic mapping solutions company. When mapping a space for indoor navigation, VimAI wants to also recognise and position objects within that space. They are constantly looking at how state-of-the-art research in computer vision and AI can help us to make our services better and more efficient.



17.00-17.15 - networking

17.15-17.25 - intro, аgenda, AI news

17.25-18.20 - 4 keynotes

18.20-18.35 - panel Q&A using sli.do

18.35-18.45 - break

18.45-19.15 - facilitated discussion

19.15-19.30 - networking


WHAT: AI Business Value for Senior Management
WHEN: Wednesday, February 28, 2018, from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm
WHERE: TechCode Finland, 5th floor, same building as Sanoma - Porkkalankatu 20A, 00180 Helsinki.

REGISTRATION: http://bit.ly/aivalue