Duration: 5 days, 20 hours

Number of attendees: 10

Target audience:  No previous knowledge of testing or IT is required but previous IT education (or self-education) is expected from someone who already works in IT field.  However, Zero to Hero training is also possible.

Training type: classroom or online

Language: English

Price: 2500€

General information:  5 days  4 non-stop hours per day course after which you will gain practical skills and knowledge to plan, design, perform testing of your application, as well as get a report about its quality.                                       

Course description:

  • Basic information about the software testing. What it is needed for, what would happen if it is not done, how software tester should behave in a team, how to develop your skills, how to build career in YOUR company
  • How testers should behave within YOUR development life cycle and methodologies
  • Inventing and designing test sets and test reports documentation that will be easy to understand and fun to use.
  • Tech stack required to work with YOUR product
  • Tools required for the testing of YOUR product