Learn2Remote Podcast
A holistic deep-dive into central areas involved in making successful remote organisations and teams thrive
In this podcast series, we invite prominent experts in remote work and remote organizations to discuss how entire communities of work should approach making the best out of the remote situation. For the best of both communities and people.
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Given how we've been forced into working remotely quite suddenly, most organisations are scrambling to have the bare minimum to make things work. However, remote work is and should never be just about technology or processes. Leaders are expected to step above and beyond their normal responsibilities. Success in remote contexts involves a wide variety of factors ranging from individual emotional regulation, new forms of knowledge-sharing, communicative habits, shifts in leadership practices, stronger self-management and much more. Bringing it all together is no small task, but we owe it to our people to do our best.

For now, tips on social media for working remotely work seem to be all the rage. We're not bothering you with yet another boring tip for decluttering your workspace. Instead, the focus is on providing a holistic deep-dive into central areas involved in making successful remote organisations and teams thrive.

Cracks arising due to the wrong practices may not show just yet. After all, most of us have been away from our offices for just a week. But without proper care, issues will pop up. We want to help you treat these issues even before they show themselves.

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Stay safe, wash your hands and ask your grumpy uncle to stay the hell home. Panda out.
1. Renaissance of Remote Work (feat. Cary Moretti & Dima Syrotkin)
2020 starts rather dramatically, with global pandemic raging and driving most of the offices empty, leaving behind dusting coffee cups and pictures of "Employee of the Month" from February.

Now there is an imperative for bringing a renaissance to remote work in order to keep businesses running smoothly! And we have a couple of renaissance-men as our guests to tell their insights on how to achieve that.

Cary is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and technology advisor. Cary believes strongly that the Future of Work is Remote and has lived that philosophy for over 20 years. In 2008 he built his first 100% remote organization. The move to Remote Work has been the key to sourcing – and keeping – the best employees, navigating major economic cycles, and pivoting to transform organizations, his own and his clients', through year over year strategic growth.

Dima is the CEO of Panda Training. Panda has developed a scalable coaching solution to tackle what they say is the main challenge of remote work: self-management. Besides Panda, Dima is an advisor in the startup GrowthClub, is one of the organizers of the Hacking HR Helsinki community, and is soon starting as a PhD candidate in Aalto University.
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