How micro-coaching works

Coaching via text, insights, and chatbot tech
We start with your plan to get from A to B. Or not even a plan, but a desire for change
Scalable coaching solutions to drive employee autonomy (human via chat and/or chatbot)
Insightful in-depth qualitative data collected through coaching conversations
Strategy, plan,
or desire
Data & Insight
One-click integration, using your own Teams or Slack workspace
30 mins per week via chat that employees book in their calendars
Reporting about insights and qualitative data acquired via coaching on a monthly basis
Insights that managers are blind to
We can collect data on:
  • Results of the change program
  • Leadership and team dynamics
  • Practices and habits (agility, communication, productivity)
  • Resources (time, support, energy)
  • Skill gaps
  • Blind spots, challenges
Why to collect data through coaching?
  • Trust developed with the coachee
  • Implications gathered through coaching
  • No internal politics with an external person
  • Frequency of only 1-2 extra questions/week

Note: These numbers are made up and serve solely as an example
What is coaching?
Coaching is a systematic methodology of asking questions to help people with goal-setting, building habits, self-awareness, self-management, mental models, innovation, and priorities. Read more in this article.
What a coaching conversation might look like
Sounds great, is there anything you can do now to ensure this will happen?
Actually, I could mark a reminder in my calendar, thanks!
Hi Anna! What is the goal you've set for yourself after attending the training?
Hi Lauri! I want to become a good listener and get better at recognizing my teammates' needs.
Great! Let's make this ideal a bit more tangible, shall we? How could you make this goal Specific/Measurable/
Okay! Before next Friday, I will practice active listening in 3 client meetings and report my insights here.
Also, we are actually going bowling with a couple of teammates on the weekend, maybe I could initiate a discussion with them using some Nonviolent Communication principles?
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