Education platform for coaches and trainers


The system allows to organize training process and structure all study materials to teach distantly.

     Tests creation

     Tasks creation

     Video conferences

     Study materials

You also can create unlimited number of different education/training scenarios for particular user or for user groups with study materials, tests and tasks.

Each person that uses the platform has his personal access in his account, where he sees the materials he should study, steps he should take to reach his training goal, notifications about new materials, tasks, and reminders.

Sell your training scenarios automatically

You can setup a price for each scenario that user will pay when he takes this step. You will receive the payment automatically on your Paypal account.

Create your study materials fast and easy. 

The system is integrated with different services like Youtube, Wikipedia and many others, that will help you to add your content from different popular sources.

Promote your business

You can setup your domain name, logo and brand colors, integrate it with additional applications via API, using the platform for your business needs as your own product.