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Edgar Perez is a published author, keynote speaker, business consultant for billion-dollar private equity and hedge funds and Council Member at the Gerson Lehrman Group and Guidepoint Global Advisors, with subject matter expertise in artificial intelligence and deep learning, cyber security and financial regulation.


He is author of The AI Breakthrough, How Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Deep Learning and Revolutionizing Your World (2018). Mr. Perez has addressed thousands of top executives around the world through keynote speeches and corporate training programs on artificial intelligence, deep learning, cybersecurity and financial trading.

Country: United States

Language: English

Training type: Classroom, online

  • The Executive Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning Workshop (2 days, 20.000$) will show attendees how to harness the opportunities deep learning offers and how to prepare their organization. Practical applications for deep learning will impact businesses for years to come.
  • The Executive Cybersecurity Workshop (2 days, 20.000$) will bring leaders up to speed on the most recent and battle-tested approaches to protect their companies’ valuable information and intellectual property from prying eyes of hackers and competitors. Attendees to the program will learn how to apply the Cybersecurity Framework in their organizations and erect strong defences for their valuable customer and employee data and intellectual property.