Duration: 3 days (4h per day)

Training type: classroom

Language: English

Price: 3500€

General information:

This course will teach you how to plan CI (counterintelligence) activities, perform extensive counterintelligence estimates and survey’s, and will teach you how to apply a large variety of CI strategies, tactics and measures in order to increase operational efficiency and the entire security infrastructure of your company.


Target Group:

  • Executives: CEO’s, CFO’s, etc. 
  • (Security) Managers
  • IT Personnel
  • Supervisors
  • Risk Officers
  • Data Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Business Consultants
  • Security Consultants
  • (Security) Analysts 
  • Administrators 


Course Objectives:

  • Learn how the CI planning process works 
  • Learn how CI functions can increase every aspect of your organization
  • Learn to create CI divisions in your own organizations
  • Learn how to perform complete en extensive CI estimates and survey’s 
  • Learn about a large variety of CI measures and counter measures 
  • Learn how CI functions, activities and measures can take your organizations security posture to a whole new level


Course Program:

Topics Day 1:

  • CI functions and activities
  • CI operational blueprints and overviews
  • Integrating counterintelligence divisions in corporate environments
  • Practical exercises

Topics Day 2:

  • The importance of counterintelligence estimates for CI planning and activities
  • How to perform a complete CI Survey
  • Completing the CI estimate
  • Practical exercises

Topics Day 3:

  • How to select appropriate and effective CI measures and counter measures
  • How to apply a large variety of CI measures and counter measures
  • Continuously improving a CI approach
  • Practical exercises