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Research-based Methods

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We used our expertise in social psychology, training and coaching and turned 100 years of research into a digestible service.


We bring unbiased external perspective by collecting the data, uncovering where plan and reality coincide and where they don’t.

We help you diagnose 5 interrelated parts of the learning process.


Learning Strategy

We help to establish clear behavioural learning goals and look for strategy alignment across the organisation, bridging the gap between business goals and learning processes.


Learning Culture

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Processes & Personalised Learning Journey

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Employee (Learning) Journey Map:
identifying and mapping out both formal and informal learning processes


Case Tilaajavastuu


Opobotti - the student counselling chatbot

We were hired by Tilaajavastuu to conduct preliminary research for the Opobotti project. Opobotti is a counselling chatbot that helps students become more aware of their strengths and goals while also assisting in career planning and making communication between counsellors and students easier.

We helped in mapping the needs and challenges in student counselling to develop a realistic and robust approach for piloting. The project involved interviews of study counsellors from schools around the country, an ideation workshop for invited stakeholders and reporting on the results of the interviews and the workshop. In the later stages of the project we created reports on the challenges of the pilot study fields and the associated student profiles.


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