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Only 15-30 mins per week via text
(instant messaging)

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Qualitative reporting on data acquired via the interaction with the employees

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Useful on all levels of the organisation


What micro-coaching will do

For the coachees:

  • Help to resolve personal or business challenges 

  • Improve teamwork

  • Help to set SMART goals and achieve them

  • Help to develop “growth mindset"

For the management:

  • Drive strategic initiatives on an individual and team level

  • Provide qualitative data on culture and relevant insights into it, coach middle managers on how to act on them

  • Analyse team dynamics across the organisation

  • Bridging skill & capability gaps



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  • GROW coaching model

  • Growth mindset

  • SMART goals

  • System-focused data collection

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We can collect data on:

  • Results of the change program

  • Leadership and team dynamics

  • Practices and habits (agility, communication, productivity)

  • Resources (time, support, energy)

  • Skill gaps

  • Blind spots, challenges

Why to collect data through coaching?

  • Trust developed with the coach

  • Implications gathered through coaching

  • No internal politics with an external person

  • Frequency of only 1-2 extra questions / week


Done via any internal communication tool

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