When we started Panda Training we had one thing in mind: building a global community consisting of trainers, coaches, consultants and people who want their services. In the spirit of the times our goal was to bring people closer, make this world smaller, but in mind, we had a specific world. The world of the training industry. Trainers & people who need trainers. Trainers & companies. Trainers & entrepreneurs. 

We wanted to unify and bring together the training talent globally and make a platform accessible both for trainers and people who need that training talent. The idea was simple and the need did exist. We had been observing an industry heavily dispersed with most of the training providers having their 1-2 man firms.

So we built Panda. An online marketplace for corporate training outsourcing.
Through a digital platform, we want to unify the industry in order to boost its productivity as a whole. Starting off from Finland in a few months we managed to partner with a big number of companies that saw the same need with us.

Today, we have proudly launched our website to the public and have already started to invite trainers, coaches & consultants to register. We invite them to be part of the movement and take together with us the training industry to the next level.


Panda Training Marketplace Screenshot

Panda Training Marketplace Screenshot

If you are a business coach, corporate trainer or consultant you can now sign up to be part of the movement. https://app.panda-training.com/


Daphne Ballian