You want to succeed in sales and you try every day to get better. You set goals and try to follow a schedule. You read various articles and sometimes you attend seminars about sales. That's all really good, but if after these things, you haven't reached the point you desire, is there something else going wrong?


Have you thought that what you’re selling, more than products or services, is in reality your own self? Would you buy from yourself with the arguments you are using? Would you convince yourself to make a purchase if a seller like you suggested it to you? Would you trust someone like you?

Burning hot questions which are, however, many times, the key to answers for some, who whilst they feel they are doing everything, they don't have the results they want. Everything begins with the right questions, don't forget that.

Yes, ONLY if you 100% believe in yourself, you can pass your confidence and certainty to your prospective customer. The last one needs to feel that he/she isn't just buying a product or service, but also the relationship with you. In order for him/her to want this connection though, you first have to be cogent.

Yes, ONLY if you have real knowledge of your job you are going to have the power to support with certainty that you KNOW what you are talking about. That way, the future customer is going to trust and follow you.

Yes, ONLY if you stand up with a passion for your values, your faith in what you are proposing, your company, your job, only then the customer will follow you and be your customer for many years. Don't sabotage your own job with negative thoughts, don't care about how the customer will judge you, don't think about what you are going to earn but what your customer will and why he/she needs to listen to you and then he/she will.

Remember that the thing that sells most of the time is the emotion accompanied with a logical core, namely your passion and faith with some sensible arguments.

Be yourself, believe in yourself and then everyone will believe in you.

Thomas Slamaris - Sales & Business Coach