Let’s say you are an organization that wants to hire a Leadership coach for their top management or a Sales trainer for the new sales team. Regardless if you are a huge corporation, a medium sized business or a startup, if you don’t have internal trainers, these are a few things you would probably first do:

1. Search the web.

You would most likely first try to google what you are looking for using the correct keywords. During this process you would probably get some results, open tons of different windows on your browser, browse on the websites, spend a few hours doing this until you realize that it’s difficult to make a decision at that exact moment or that you feel overwhelmed with all this information, not necessarily trusting what you have read 100%.



2. Ask your network.

One more thing what you would very likely do, is ask people in your network, colleagues or friends, if they have any recommendations. They probably would get back with a few recommendations and a short list of names with numbers or e-mails. You would send out the e-mails/Inmails or call to get in touch with the people that have been recommended to you.



3.Go the traditional way

Or maybe you just know 2-3 firms or consultancies that are quite big and you are thinking of purchasing a training package through them.

These would be more or less your main options, right?

There is one thing about all these ways that makes them not really optimal for you. They lack time efficiency and provide limited options.

By the time you’ve used all these means, an important amount of time has passed. In that amount, maybe the situation has changed, it might have become more challenging or even other priorities might have come up.


Reaching out effectively:

Now imagine, if instead of all the options mentioned above you could have a choice to insert a URL, sign in to an account and search on a platform for the specific need you have with search criteria such as category, country, language, price range? Then contact the providers that would meet your criteria and arrange the training. All in one place.

Communication and selection simplified:

In that way the whole process of communication and selection is simplified. Your search probably lasts minutes and getting in touch requires even less for you to write a message to the people you are interested in.

Giving the power to employees:

How many times have we heard employees attending trainings offered by the company, spending hours on them and then returning and doing the work the same way as they did.

Giving the power to employees to choose according to the needs of their work only leaves them with one choice. Choosing what they need and owning their choice.




It’s part of the new reality that the people you hire will have to constantly upgrade their skills. With new information and new practises appearing every day, with the massive impact of technology, your organization will need to be able to adapt to survive and thrive. With your training needs rising you will need to find optimal solutions to make training effective in your organization.

Your recruitment efforts will most probably be focused on hiring the people equipped with the right qualities that are able to adapt in the agile environment and able to up-skill themselves throughout their work-life.

Your challenge would be to equip them with the right tools to do that, tools that will support them and your organization in that process.

What will be your role in this?

For those of you who could connect to the challenges above, we've tried to build a solution. You can find out more about Panda, the first corporate training marketplace and book your free demo at https://panda-training.com