Duration: 4h

Training type: classroom or online

Language: English

Price: €6500

General information:

Blockchain enables the decentralized sharing of data and tamper proof recording of transactions across low-trust boundaries, resulting in a technology that may prove to be as revolutionary as the internet. However, it is not simple to get hands-on easy-to-apply information about blockchains.

The goal of our blockchain introduction session is to provide clear entry-level insight to blockchain, examine how blockchains can be applied and give a practical tools to analyse whether you should use a blockchain or not.


Structure of the Course:

In summary, we help the participant answer the following questions: what are blockchains and how they can be applied? What kind of use cases are feasible within your company?

We provide both a theoretical framework and hands-on case analysis experience, and then facilitate the discussion to uncover possible applications and opportunities of blockchains in your industry and for your company.

  • Easy to understand introduction to blockchain technology
  • Case analysis tools; should you use blockchains or not?
  • Discussion on future opportunities in your industry


Example course outline:

A. Introduction to Blockchains (1,5 hours):

An introductory blockchain training by Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates covering what blockchains bring as a technology

Specific topics to be covered

  • What are blockchains?     
  • The technology behind blockchains
  • Public, private, open and permissioned blockchains
  • Smart contracts, transactions, and security
  • Different blockchain ledgers (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, MultiChain)
  • Blockchain misconceptions

A general Q&A to give participants the opportunity to ask about specific areas such as: cryptocurrencies, GDPR, smart contracts, data management

B. Blockchain use cases and how to apply to your organization (2,5 hours):

Business development training by Kimmo Rouhiainen

Identified use cases and tools to identify best-fit use cases: Blockchain checklist, Lean and Blockchain Canvas

Specific topics to be covered

  • Current use cases in different industries and business verticals
  • How blockchains can be used inside and outside the organization
  • Blockchain checklist; when to use and when not
  • A coordinated ideation session for comparing Lean Canvas to Blockchain     Canvas to find best-fit business cases to apply blockchain technology
  • Comments and ending session

General Q&A and follow-up how to continue analysing blockchain use cases.