Duration: 2-3 hours

Training type: classroom or online

Language: English

General information:

Rather than lecturing, with Panda Training Jerome sees his role as a coach, helping you in your path to AI. The courses he offers are designed to give both background information and hands-on experience. During a 2-3 hours session you will get insights about a specific topic, and after that you will work on a 20 hour project. While doing the project, you will have a dedicated Slack channel to discuss ideas and get support. At the end your implementation will be reviewed and you will get feedback. 

Course description:

  • Autoencoders, learning from unlabeled data
  • Variational Autoencoders, constraining latent space, and latent space arithmetic
  • Generative Adversarial networks 
  • Style transfer
  • Super sampling

Homework: Implement an Autoencoder for classification of mostly unlabeled data.