Duration: 16 hours

Training type: classroom or online

Language: English

Price: 11.500€

Course description:

Botification road map: advanced SWOT analysis for deploying AI bots in different verticals and multimedia formats 

  • Looking at the obstacles and resistance elements to adopting this new technology: how to roll out botification inhouse and also for customer-facing use cases. Adding multilingual voice modules, so for autotranslation for up to 130 languages.
  • Different enterprise solutions currently available for B2B deployments. Implementing Greenfield testing of advanced AI bot applications in various IoT and "hybrid" (ro)bot-human models.
  • Installing the bespoke CRM for your business or vertical to allow for independent updating of the bot brain content; setting the data points for information gathering by the customised AI bot during the Conversational Commerce or (un)structured "chat".
  • Emphasis on relationship-building, branding and sustaining the botified interactions for all stakeholders and client types for your company. Installing and using a bespoke automated Reporting Schedule that is delivered to nominated staff members.
  • Monetising your botified assets through 3rd party sponsorships and advertising on your new digital inventory.