Panda Training Ltd is a Finnish startup founded in March 2016. Currently Panda is run by a total of 12 employees located in 2 offices in Helsinki, Finland and Niš, Serbia. Our main target markets are Nordics and the U.S.

Our vision is to bring transparency of competition and collaboration to the corporate training industry. The market is highly dispersed with lots of training, consulting and coaching companies involved and we want to construct the bridges.

We value transparency, development and collaboration.

  • We believe in transparency of both our internal and external communication.

  • We strive for development, both personal and professional. Development of our trainers, our clients and our own.

  • We aim to create a collaborative environment that will foster learning and business connections.


Our Founders


Dima Syrotkin


+358 40 446 4208


Lauri Paloheimo

Head of Sales

+358 50 405 9906


Milan Saric



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