Free 30-Day Challenge
Achieve 1 Big goal that is important to you
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Achieve 1 Big goal that is important to you! Do you have something non-urgent but important that was sitting on your to do list for way too long? It's time to take action!

30-Day challenge is an online program that starts on 15th of September with a webinar that will help you clarify your goal and then uses chatbot technology and a Slack community to help you achieve that goal.

Panda Training provides companies with a scalable micro-coaching service to support them in the areas on strategy execution, culture development and people development. We are currently developing a chatbot product that would enable us to scale micro-coaching even further and automate a big chunk of the process. This program is a test of our chatbot technology and content. That's why we give it out absolutely for free!
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What's in it for you
Achieve 1 Big goal
Have you been postponing something important but not urgent? Now is the time to act.
Get to know people who are on a similar mission, build your network, meet new friends
Test new tech
Test a new approach to behavior change, perhaps it could be relevant for your organization
What's included
2 Webinars
1st will help you to clarify your goal and break it down into daily behaviors, 2nd will close the experience for all of us
We will divide all the participants into smaller groups according to your goals and daily behaviors
Our chatbot will help you to stay accountable daily, reflect weekly, and provide you supporting tools and exercises
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Start 15 August
30-Day challenge starts on the 15th of August at 19.00-20.00 EET time (1st webinar).
Zoom + Slack
We will use Zoom for webinars and Slack for the chatbot and community forum
100% Free
This program is 100% free, no strings attached. We just want to test our technology :)
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