Corporate Training Marketplace

Panda is an online platform for corporate training outsourcing. Trainers, coaches and consultants can advertise themselves by publishing their profiles, which contain the information about their expertise and references from their previous employers. Companies can browse through the database of trainers and be able to pick the most suitable choice for their needs.

For Clients

If you, either as individual or corporate representative, might be interested in hiring a trainer, consultant or coach, feel free to access the platform and take a look at what we have to offer.

In case you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know: we would simplify the training sourcing and find those people for you, for free.

Main Features


Companies will be able to browse through a database of trainers using a number of filters such as training category, date, location, language, rating and price range.

Reference and Rating System

Customers will give their feedback to trainers and other way around, which will allow Panda to establish a trusted and reliable training sourcing system.


Companies will be able to book trainers with one click by mentioning the details of the training they have a need in. Trainers will have 3 days to either reply to the client or reject the offer.

Training Companies

Training companies will have separate profiles in the database, with their employees linked to those profiles.


Trainers will also be able to publish specific training packages they can deliver.

Mobile Application

Together with the platform we are also working on the mobile application.

At the moment we are developing an iOS application and soon will also start working on Android.

Stay tuned for updates!

Register as a Trainer at Panda

As any marketplace, Panda needs both demand and supply (in this case, companies and trainers) to work. We would like to give you an opportunity to pre-register for being part of the platform already now. We are aiming to sign up 300+ trainers from all the continents all around the world. We already signed up more than fifty people. Be among the first ones and help us spread the word!

What's In It For You

Supply of New Clients

By registering a profile on Panda you attract customers, who chose Panda as their training sourcing tool.

Community of Trainers

Connect with a community of other 300+ trainers and learn from each other.

Data Analytics

Panda will supply you with information about what's happening on the training market, what companies are looking for and how to make your training more relevant.

Reference and Rating System

Reference and rating system we have allows you to obtain a competitive edge over other trainers on the market based on your skill set and actual customer satisfaction. It gives you the chance to retrieve the feedback from your employers. It also allows you to scan through the experiences of other trainers with your possible employer.


Panda stands as a security provider, which takes full end-to-end responsibility for the interaction between the trainer and the customer and helps to resolve possible conflicts.

Absolutely Free

No strings attached. Our business model is based on charging the businesses and not the trainers.

Terms & Conditions

By registering you allow Panda to publish your profile with the information you provided our platform.

You will get your login information and will have a chance to access and edit your profile. You will be able to delete your profile in one click if any problem arises.

The service is absolutely free of charge.

Application Process

1. Fill in the registration form.


2. Get an acceptance email.


3. Receive your login information and update your trainer profile.


4. Arrange a 30-minute interview with us in order to verify your proficiency.


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We aim to unify and push forward the training industry, bringing it to a completely new level of impact on the world.

Doesn't it sound exciting?

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